by Marty & Teresa Stangl

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For years I had been kidding the kids at church every Thanksgiving by getting them to repeat "Gobble-S-U" with me faster and faster until they realized they were actually saying "God bless you"...so I finally decided it deserved to be a song, which I wrote in 2009 and sang in Children's Church that year. Teresa and I recorded this home studio version in the fall of 2010 and we played it for the kids at church that Thanksgiving. Our son Caleb had fun creating a really cool Powerpoint presentation to go with it, too!


Gobble-S-U, Gobble-S-U
Because His Word is true
Gobble-S-U, Gobble-S-U
When you do what He says you should do, woh!
Gobble-S-U, Gobble-S-U
Can't always see with your eyes
Gobble-S-U, Gobble-S-U
Sometimes such a surprise, woo!


released November 24, 2010
Vocals: Marty & Teresa Stangl (Caleb mixed in very inconspicuously at his request)
Music accompaniment track produced by Marty Stangl
Written by Marty Stangl, Copyright 2009



all rights reserved