by Marty & Teresa Stangl

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Teresa and I made this fun recording in our home studio on 9/7/09. I originally wrote the song for the Buck-a-Roni Hoedown youth camp in June 1991. We have sung this song many times in children's ministry over the years, and it's always been difficult to sing and play drums with my mouth at the same time!


J-E-SUS, He is God, He passed the test
I said J-E-SUS, believe in Him and you'll be blessed
Believe in Him and you'll be blessed!

1) Well, He lived and died and then rose again
To be the Savior of all men. And now He sits on Heaven's throne, He calls me His very own, He calls me His very own! And it's...

2) You know, there's lots of things you can do to be cool
But I'll still trust Jesus, I'm nobody's fool
And now there's one more thing I got to say...
I'm gonna live for Him today, I'm gonna live for Him today!


released September 7, 2009
Vocals: Marty & Teresa Stangl
Music track produced by Marty Stangl
Written by Marty Stangl, copyright 1991



all rights reserved